Monthly Archives: December 2015

Everything is perfect

Today I came across the saying Done is better than perfect. It got me thinking what does perfect really mean? So I looked it up on the Internet. Doesn’t seem to mean what we think it means like something that is without flaw. It seems to mean that it is done or complete

In our English language we have a grammar term present perfect. I have done, I have eaten, I have studied. The present perfect brings the past into the present and the past is complete and done. So the past is perfect.

I could go on and on about this but I think you understand what I’m saying. Perfect doesn’t mean without flaw it just means that it is the way it should be. The work is complete. The work is perfect. It reminds me of the movie Jerry Maguire. In one scene there are people using sign language and they sign you complete me. Other people seem to say you’re perfect for me. The reality is they are saying the same thing.

So now this little essay is complete. It is perfect for the way it is written. Perfection is not a comparison with other things, it is only compared to itself. It is perfect. We are complete.