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What do you want now? What do you want most?

We end up not getting what we want most because we are so focused on what we want now.

Make a list of what you want MOST.

Here is a sample.

A strong heart
Muscular arms
Enough money to retire when I am 67 1/2
Good friends
My kids to be leaders
A vacation in Alaska paid in cash

Ok take each one and bring it back to now. I want to eat vegetables. I want to do Kung Fu. I want to save 10% of my pay into an IRA. I want to spend time with my friends by doing a project for habitat for humanity. I want to be a Boy Scout leader for my son or Girl Scout leader for my daughter. I want to set aside $100 per month for my trip.

Yes this is what I want to do NOW.

The other what I want to do now just evaporates once I do it. No greater most. Just a greedy, impatient now.



So what do you want NOW?

Congratulations. Thanks for reading.

Your homework is to ask yourself

What do I want MOST? Let that create the NOW.