To be or not to be

In the famous Shakespeare play Hamlet there’s a famous line to be or not to be that is the question.

I was watching Jim Rohn yesterday and for me he is a very powerful speaker because she talks and very simple concepts that carry many truths. One thing you said yesterday that was very powerful to me was what are you becoming. He said when you take a job or working don’t ask what you are getting ask what you are becoming. Wow that is a very powerful concept.

At first you may wonder but I need things so getting is very important. No doubt you need things just survive and to live with you enjoy your life to some degree, but you also need to invest in yourself it is sort of like people that are focused on their income versus their balance sheet. Jim Rohn doesn’t talk about that in particular in this segment. However, I think his message is very clear – work on yourself first.

He also has another profound insight that he repeats over and over again. He says that in order for things to change you have to change. I think this is similar to what Gandhi said when he said be the change you want to see in the world.

So my friends focus on your being focus on you’re becoming. Be the change don’t expect things to change for you.

I really enjoy listening to Jim Rohn.

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