Monthly Archives: November 2015

Call me James

I often have heard that the actors have decided not to play a character for much longer. So why do actors feel like they need to stop playing a character?

My understanding is that they do not want to be stereotyped as that actor and they want to expand the repertoire and how they are perceived.

Why then do we like they’re human beings feel like we need to act same way at the same personality through our lives? Why can we also say I no longer wants to be stereotyped as this type of actor?

As Shakespeare said something like the world is out stage and we are merely players.

Expand your range. Why do you act the same way. Why do you not decide to expand who you are just as you do with what you do and what you know?

Is it really how people will respond to us that makes us fearful? Or to be perceived as being fake or inconsistent?

Live fully. Expand your range.

Only way out is forward

I remember seeing this quote somewhere. It was anonymous.

It is so powerful though. When wondering what to do, just keep moving forward. You really cannot go backwards.

This does not mean you cannot go back to an old job, old town, old lover, old ideas. It means venture forth and continue to make choices intentionally and do not dwell on the past like you can undo it.

You cannot shape the past. You cannot shape the future. You can shape the present.

The only way out is forward.